Leather Talk

Finally in my new Shop

Well I finally opened my new shop. I now have my main leather working station I will be adding a tool holder on the wall. The cutting table is all set up but I'm using that as a combination dye station, looks as if I may have the time this week to build that dye station. The big news is I'll be getting a new Cobra Class 4 leather stitching machine delivered soon. It's on its way from Ca. as I type this update. Looking forward to using this beast. To keep updated on my shop follow me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MyForeverLeather?ref=hl

Working with Leather

When I start a project there is some direction I'm considering going. I'm going to keep it simple for now. let say we are making a check book cover outside to cover a ready made interior. Let me take you through some steps. first the measurements. for the length it should be the length of the interior. But for the width since there is a fold I want to close the interior as it would be when it is in a pocket or purse,. Using a sewing tape measure I measure the closed interior this will be slightly longer than if i measured it open.
Now i take these 2 measurements and transfer them to the back side of my leather hide. I use a 3 to 4 oz. tooling leather. Using a steel square and a steel ruler I lay out my measurements with a pen. After I am satisfied that everything is accurate and square I lay my cutting board under the marked lines. I prefer using a box cutter there are other cutting tools to use. I lay my steel ruler along my ink lines. i prefer to put the ruler inside the project so if the knife cuts off the ruler the project will non be ruined. Cutting carefully from corner to corner. If the project would have curved edges I would use my leather sheers to cut these cuts.
Once the project is cut out I apply masking tape, takes time to find the right tape something that can come off easily but strong enough to keep project from stretching. The next step is rounding off the edges using a tool called an edge beveler ( there are different sizes) I use the smallest size for this thinner leather. Using this tool rounds the face of the leather for a smoother finish. After the beveling is complete I wet the edges and use a round plastic wheel to smooth the bevel edges.
The next step is laying out the stitching lines and design area on the project. Wetting the leather ( This called casing the leather) using wing dividers I set the width to match the desired stitch point on my interior usually around 1/16 to 1/8 in from edges of the project. After this line has been traced around the edges I expand my wing dividers to around twice the width as before and trace another line around my perimeter. This is for Stamping a boarder and to designate the tooling area that I will be using.
Well time to get back to work I will expound on the more at a later time Check back in about a week or so.

IMG_1277Finally got my new stitching machine. I bought this Cobra class 4 sewing machine from the Leather Machine Company out of southern California. My projects are moving along much faster. If you have been to my site before you will notice that most of my prices have come down some, that's because of the time this machine has been saving me and also you will notice I have and will be coming out with a lot of different products.

Christmas Season

Well Christmas is upon us and soon our calenders will tell us it's 2015, how times flies when we are having fun. I would like to take this moment to wish all my visitors a very Merry Christmas and to say that keeping Christ in Christmas is what this season is all about. Emmanuel is "God with us" Not just in December but all the time for ever and ever. He lives inside me and you.
Merry Christmas to you and your families. Peace be with you.

Thanksgiving for us

We are very thankful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ He has blessed us abundantly this year as all years in the past. Things don't always go our way, or the way we want them to go. But being people of the Lord, we accept thing as they are, knowing that His will for us will always manifest itself to us, as time goes by. Our family is grateful for the little things and big things, the bad things and the good, the sorrows and the joys, for we know that all these things let us grow in Jesus Christ. We wish all well and many blessings poured out on you and your families this holiday season.

Leather Done Your Way

Leather done your way is our motto, Here at My Forever Leather we love for the customer to assist in the creation and design of their personalized leather goods. We want our customers to express what they want in their product. Weather it is a wallet or purse design. Then we can take their idea and design it into a usable product for them. All of our pattern are adjustable to meet the needs of our customers. Imagine having a wallet or Bible Cover personal to you. That's what we mean when we say Leather Done Your Way.
We want our customers to have their vision become a real product that they can hold on to.

You can see all our current designs here