About Us

What We Are All About

What we are all about is creating fine leather products that are usable in your everyday life. I love to incorporate art work into these goods. Making unique leather products that are one of a kind and personal to the owner of that product. When I receive input from my customers on the products design and art work, this really makes the finish product unique to that customer. You can truly own a one of a kind usable piece of art from me. Belts with style, personalized book covers, hand made journals, wallets, exotic snake skin belts, and purses.

From The Start

From the start, 18 years ago. I met a fellow named Jeff, he was a master leather worker. He took me under his wing and let me assist him in doing leather craft. As all apprentices do I started on the small an tedious task, sewing, lacing, and some name painting. As we were doing this as a hobby we both had regular jobs. It took awhile to learn the basics. But I did pick up rather quickly. And, as with all talented artist I had my own ideas on how I wanted to do my own designs, and art work. After I invested in my own tools and supply's I struck out on my own making belts, bible cover, wallets, and purses. I started by giving a lot of stuff away to family, and friends for x-mas and birthdays. The response was good, family and friends were nice to me.

Several years ago I started selling at art shows, farmers markets, and such with good response. Now with the internet I am branching out to expand my business. My wife is active duty and with moving a lot the internet should help keep sale going when moving around.



Payment and Shipping Information

All sales are completed through our store on Etsy. Etsy holds all payments to us until the item ships out to the customer. Because the majority of our items are custom made the shipping time from when we receive your order is 5 to 7 days. If we are not busy that time may be reduced to 3 days. If you order an item that we have already completed this will ship the next business day. All our shipping is done through USPS priority mail.

Our return policy is as follows: Our policy is that all personalized and custom items are NOT RETURNABLE OR NON-REFUNDABLE. This means that if you purchase an item with your name on it, picture, carving or the item is a custom size and then decide you do not like it, you will not be able to return the item and or get your money back. This is because we will have a difficult time trying to re-sell the item if we are able to at all.